Review: Death At Dukes Halt

Derek Farrell - Death At Dukes Halt Author Derek Farrell Published by Fahrenheit Press, paperback £9.95. I bought this book new, direct from the publisher: First, the official blurb: Lady Caroline Victoria Genevieve Jane de Montfort (Caz to her friends) made a promise to her (newly deceased) friend George Warren and she intends to keep it … Continue reading Review: Death At Dukes Halt

Review: Trafficked Dreams

Heather Osborne - Trafficked Dreams Independently published, available on Amazon paperback £9.99, ebook £2.99. I received a copy from the author for review purposes. Heather Osborne, a California native now based in Scotland, writes in her acknowledgements: "Briana Ryu is a character I've had in development for some time, but had kept very close to my heart." … Continue reading Review: Trafficked Dreams